Major Misprint On Mighty Thor #700… Will Marvel Recall Copies?

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Marvel has been running a variety of “How To Draw” variant covers for their title by Chip Zdarsky. They are, to a cover, hilarious, as Zdarsky takes the reader through a number of stages of drawing a character’s face in the classic How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way style that go off on an unexpected tangent.

But tomorrow’s version of The Mighty Thor #700 may have caused problems.

Not the cover itself, which is as hilarious as ever. But the back cover of every issue with this variant on the front.


Rather a standard back cover, instead it features the back cover of what should have been the exclusive variant cover for Spider-Gwen #25 for, an online comic store who will have ordered thousands of copies and have paid for the exclusive privilege.

Here’s what it should have been the back of.

And all retailers carrying this Chip Zdarsky cover now have a full back page ad for a rival online store, with a URL front and centre… okay, well, back and centre. Certainly larger and in a far more prominent placement than Marvel would have allowed if it were an ad, to spare other retailer concerns.

Before retailers ire is raised, may I suggest a recall notice? It’s only one of the variant covers, not the whole print run…

Here are the front covers and back covers in question, side by side from a friendly retailer.

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