A Look At The Pixel Party Action Figure Of The Tick

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One of the rare little oddities I picked up last month at PAX West was this Pixel Party figure from Breaking Games featuring The Tick. I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of him at first, considering I love the Tick as a character but the design was an odd one to catch at first sight. Essentially, he’s been created to be an arcade pixilated version of himself, with a 3D representation as if the arcade character jumped out of the cabinet and onto your desk.

credit//Breaking Games

As far as the design goes, he looks a lot like The Tick that you currently see on the Amazon Prime series, with a little bit of the cartoon nature thrown in. The head is bulky but it works for the design. As far as him as an action figure, he can be posted with his arms and his head, but the torso and legs don’t move, so he is limited. He comes with an arcade cabinet where you can either store him inside until you want to play with him or have him stand outside of it and push the background up to the front of the box.

credit//Breaking Games

If you’re a fan of The Tick, you could honestly go either way with this design. He’s got his positives and negatives all around, but ultimately the design of his body and head are going to be the deciding factors if you truly want to buy him. For us, he’s just okay; not a terrible toy but not a very strong one, either.

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