Cover And Pages For The Comic With A 5 Million Print Run – Asterix And The Chariot Race

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It will be the bestselling single comic book of 2017 by far with a five million print run when it is published next month. Asterix And The Chariot Race by Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad. And the PR has hit! We have the English Language cover….

One entire translated page.I notice a couple of Brits there… and plenty more to come. We get to see the thumbnails of the page above. And the pencils…

The map of the indicia page that sets up the geographical politics of the issue in question.

And plenty of PR as to why the book is set in and across Italy. Sounds a bit ROMEXIT-y.

The concepts behind the race…

And the teams taking part, Wacky Races style…
And the big bad behind it all.

And a look at the comic across territories.


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