Matt Ryan Rumored To Reprise Constantine Role In DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3

Posted by October 8, 2017 Comment is running the rumor that the Welsh actor Matt Ryan will be reprising his role as John Constantine, The Hellblazer, in an episode of the CW show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 3.

Just the one for now, mind, though it could continue. As of now, it is currently unknown exactly where his appearance will fall in Legends’ third season, or what will bring him with the show’s ragtag group of heroes.

Ryan first played John Constantine in the TV series Constantine in 2014 and 2015, ten years after Keanu Reeves played the character in the 2005 movie. Ryan has continued to play the character after the show was cancelled after its first series, appearing in Arrow, and the in the Justice League Dark animated movie. And while he may not be getting a live-action series of his own again very soon, he will be getting an animated series from CW Seed. And you just know that Ryan will make himself available for the voice work. Because if you try to stop him, he ends up looking like this:

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