Streaming Parties, Theatrial Release And Ruby At The RWBY Panel At New York Comic Con

Sofia Annunziata writes for Bleeding Cool from New York Comic Con,

The RWBY Panel was jam packed with all sorts of fun teasers and new announcements. It was first announced that Twitch will be hosting a RWBY streaming party and that on October 12th there will be a theatrical release/premier. Ruby, will also be joining Blazblue as a new character, and Rooster Teeth launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new RWBY board game: Combat Ready.

It was confirmed that this season will be 14 episodes as opposed to the usual 12 to allow room for the advancement of the plot. This season will supposedly be big change for team RWBY as they travel to new places and meet all new characters. At the panel, attendees got a first hand glimpse of this in the first episode of Vol 5. In it we see Ruby, Qrow, Nora, Jaune and Ren, but no Blake, Yang, or Weissl. The team can be seen in a new area of Remnant whose scenery draws much inspiration from Avatar the Last Airbender’s Ba Sing Se, according to the cast and crew. This is all the sneak peak shows but attendees were also able to view a soon to be released Yang short! In this short Yang single handedly fights a Grimm while teaching Ruby hand to hand combat, The short presumably takes place sometime before Yang leaves for Beacon at the end of Vol. 4.

At the end of the panel a never before seen trailer for Rooster Teeth’s new project Gen:Lock, a mecha based show that they are working on.

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