Norman Reedus On A Jesus/Daryl Romance: "Anything's Possible"

Norman Reedus On Jesus And Daryl Becoming A Couple: “Anything’s Possible”

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Daryl and Jesus are two of the most popular characters on The Walking Dead. That’s without question. But could the two become more than just allies in the world of zombies and warring encampments of survivors?

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If you ask Norman Reedus, he says yes.

When asked about the two becoming an item at the Walking Dead panel at NYCC this evening, he said:

“Anything’s possible.”

I mean, I am all for it. Personally, I think they would treat each other right. Jesus is a stable place for Daryl to end up, and Daryl would keep things interesting for sure. What are we going with as a shipping name? Desus? Jesryl? This is a tough one, actually.

Let’s settle on Darsus.

Reedus has never been one to discourage fans from shipping him with other male characters from the show, previously saying, “I would be down for [playing out a gay storyline] and I’d try to kick ass at it.” But the thing is, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman stated in 2014 that Daryl is officially heterosexual, despite having considered making him gay early on in production. Has something changed, or is Reedus just fueling the fire? We’ll just have to see.

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