Billy Eichner Joins Disney’s Female Santa Claus Film ‘Nicole’

Disney seems to really be recognizing Billy Eichner‘s talent. Not only will he be the voice of Timon in the live-action Lion King film, but he joined another Disney film project today. Eichner will star in Nicole, Disney’s upcoming gender-swapped Santa Claus film.

Billy Eichner Parks and Rec

Nicole follows in the footsteps of the¬†Santa Clause series, where someone has to take over the mantle of Santa after the original Saint Nick retires/dies/accidentally dies. But this, as far as we know, is not a sequel to those films. Nicole will star Anna Kendrick as Santa’s daughter who has to take over the role after her father retires and her brother decides he can’t do the job on Christmas Eve. It will also star Bill Hader and Shirley MacLaine. It will be written and directed by Marc Lawrence.

Billy Eichner is a very talented and funny guy. I love his show Billy On The Street. He was great on Parks and Recreation, and he is currently creeping me out on American Horror Story: Cult. I still have yet to watch Difficult People, his Hulu show, but it is in my queue.

The film has a tentative release date of November 8th, 2019.

Editor’s Note: This is my friend Nicole, she’s amazing, and she DROVE ME HERE!

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