Yes, Avengers #675 Starts A Weekly Avengers Title With A Lot Of Creators

Posted by September 26, 2017 Comment

This morning Bleeding Cool ran the full cover of Avengers #675, the first issue of No Surrender, confirming that a) yes, Janet Van Dyne is still on the cover b) so is Voyager and c) we have a weekly Avengers for 2018.

Expect to read more in tomorrow’s Friends Of Ol’ Marvel Magazine #1, along with a better-looking version of the Alex Ross cover we ran. Featuring the classic Avengers plus Voyager having been retconned into the team – see Marvel Legacy spoilers for more – as well as the Living Lightning, now called Lightning, Beast, Rogue, Quicksilver, Jane Foster Thor, and Vision.

Uncanny Avengers and US Avengers will conclude and the creative team combine to create one weekly Avengers comic book written by Mark Waid, Al Ewing, and Jim Zub, with art from Pepe Larraz to start in January, Kim Jacinto to follow in February and Paco Medina in March. And that’s why LArraz has been so quiet of late. This is clearly the “big event” we had heard about.


Bringing back the fan-favorite FOOM, this magazine is full of interviews with talent, editors, the Marvel bullpen, and more! Comic fans will remember FOOM fondly, while new fans and the uninitiated will have just as much fun with the magazine!

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