Phil Lord & Christopher Miller To Direct Andy Weir’s “Artemis”

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After the success of his first novel and subsequent film adaptation, Andy Weir, author of “The Martian”, has a new novel coming out in November called “Artemis” that’s already been optioned by FOX for a film.

The big news today is that two directors just signed on to tackle the Artemis movie.  Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have had an interesting year already, after being fired from the Han Solo solo film by Disney.  The pair have some interesting titles under their belts; the 21 Jump Street reboots starring Channing TatumThe Lego Movie, and FOX’s Last Man On Earth series starring SNL alum Will Forte.

Crown Publishing has described this sophomore novel as:

An adrenaline-charged crime caper that features smart, detailed world-building based on real science”. The story centers on Jasmine Bashara, aka Jazz, just another too-smart, directionless twentysomething chafing at the constraints of her small town and dreaming of a better life.

Except the small town happens to be named Artemis—and it’s the first and only city on the moon. She’s got debts to pay, her job as a porter barely covers the rent, and her budding career as a smuggler isn’t exactly setting her up as a kingpin, much to her disappointment. So when the chance at a life-changing score drops in her lap, Jazz can’t say no, and she finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy for control of Artemis itself.

Having only read the first chapter of Artemis” (which was released back in May), I’m not sure I agree with the pair of Lord & Miller helming this project. The humor level contained in the first several pages of the story, sure, ok, I get the thought process. But the lead of the novel is a young woman of strong character who deserves to be taken seriously by whomever sits in the hot seat.

Of his novel, Andy Weir said:

“I’m really excited about Artemis. I got to do the science-dork stuff I love, but this time with a much more complex and character-driven plot. It’s a big stretch for me, but I think it came out well. Hopefully the readers will agree.” 

The audio book for “Artemis” will be read by Rosario Dawson, who exudes strength and poise in everything she does.  Hopefully, the casting of Jazz for the film will measure up.

Weir’s “Artemis” will be released by Crown Publishing on November 17th.

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