Ticket Booth: The LEGO Ninjago Movie, Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The summer hell is finally over, and people are finally releasing movies again. We're hoping that a more consistent release schedule will help this segment become at least semi-regular again.

The purpose of this segment is to help people try to figure out what movie they might want to see this weekend. As always, I can't tell you how to spend your money, because that is entirely up to you. I can only offer my opinion based on the movies I've seen, and nothing else.

Ticket Booth - A column of regular film criticism by Kaitlyn Booth

This week we have a couple new releases, but one of them, Stronger, is not one I got a chance to see. So, we're going to look at The LEGO Ninjago Movie and Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

LEGO Ninjago MovieThe kids are probably the easiest group this week, because we have another LEGO movie. It's been an OK year for animated kids' movies, and while The LEGO Batman Movie was brilliant and Cars 3 was much better than anyone ever thought it would be, it's time to have another LEGO movie just seven months after the Batman one. And while The LEGO Ninjago Movie isn't nearly as good as the previous LEGO films, it's still enjoyable. The kids are probably going to like it way more than the adults, but no one is going to walk out insulted.

However, the pacing in The LEGO Ninjago Movie is a little off. Parents who are taking their kids should be aware that they were getting restless midway through the second act. So be prepared that they could get a little antsy before the final credits roll.

Teenagers are going through kind of a rough time movie-wise. While there are plenty of teens that will probably enjoy The LEGO Ninjago Movie, it does aim a little younger. There aren't that many PG-13 movies at the box office right now so, if you're a teenager, it may be time to do some catching up. Wonder Woman is finally out on Blu-ray and is absolutely worth a watch, but the big thing that teens could do this weekend is get some Netflix in, since some really good stuff is leaving next month.

As far as TV shows you should watch before October 1st, the big ones are 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights. Both shows are fantastic and hold up on multiple viewings. If you're more into the CW side of television, then One Tree Hill might be worth a look, and the first season or two of Prison Break are pretty good. As far as movies that are leaving, make sure you watch the original Hellboy, Million Dollar Baby, and Love Actually.

There are more options for the adults in the crowd. There are plenty of fans that are looking forward to the release of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. It's not a terrible movie, but fans of the original should probably lower their expectations for this sequel. You'll likely enjoy yourself a lot more if you do. This is probably the movie that teenagers will either sneak into or try to convince their parents that they should let them go. While I'm not a parent and cannot tell you how to parent your kids, just do your research beforehand.

If action comedies are not your thing, then It is still kicking all sorts of butt at the box office. People have been saying great things about it, and while I haven't personally seen it, people I know and trust seem to adore it. Stronger is also getting positive reviews, if the "based on a true story" thing is your thing. The film is based on a Boston Marathon victim, and it might just be an award contender.

Next week is American Made, Till Death Do Us Part, and Flatliners — the latter of which is not screening for critics.

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