An Explanation For The Marvel Amazon Kindle Mega-Sale That Has Come Round Again

Posted by September 22, 2017 Comment

Bleeding Cool has noted that every now and then there seems to be an unpublicised Marvel sale on Amazon Kindle. It’s happening right now, with brand new trade paperback collections from Marvel being sold for a third of the price of a single new issue, in some cases. But why?

Well, one explanation I have received from an industry insider is that these are always timed to end of quarters. That Marvel needs a short-term sales and profit boost. But not one that they expect to publicise much, so that the boost can be dismissed as just a result of that. Or train people to just wait for the end of quarter digital sale.

Basically they want the sales, they want the boost, but they don’t want too many people to notice and change their usual buying practices.

Okay, so none of you learn anything from this, okay? None of you start “waiting for the sale” or it will all go away.


Just don’t wait. It’s three months until the next quarter…

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