Crisis On Earth-X Is The Arrowverse Punching Nazis Versions Of Themselves

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Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg said they conceived of this years crossover to be like the big Justice League / Justice Society ones of the past. But there is a lot more going on here. Earth-X in the comics is the home of the Freedom Fighters… which isn’t a random choice since there will be a new animated series on the CW Seed called Freedom Fighters: The Ray and Guggenheim says that there will two Ray’s involved in that including the Earth-1 version. Earth-X is the world if the Nazi’s had won World War II. So the crossover are the heroes of the Arrowverse punching Nazis.

Now let’s take a look at the heads around the outside looking at the fight. We have all of Team Flash with The Flash, Vibe and Killer Frost. From the Legends we have Firestorm, Heat Wave, Atom, White Canary, Zari (nice necklace) and Vixen. We have Supergirl and then we have from Team Arrow Wild Dog, Green Arrow, Black Canary and Mr. Terrific. Oh… and The Ray is there. Not included in the image: Citizen Steel, Elongated Man and Spartan.

Since we don’t know how soon into the series will get Elongated Man, that’s not a big deal. But no Steel is interesting… and no Spartan makes you wonder if Diggle makes it off Lian Yu in one piece.

When you pull into the center piece more, besides the image of Barry and Iris at the alter. You see a couple other interesting faces that might be spoiler-ish. On the bad-guy side we see Nazi (not sure what they’ll call them in the show) versions of Supergirl, Green Arrow, Reverse Flash and… Dark Archer? In the trailer for The Ray, we got to see these characters and the look a little different so it’s hard to say if that’s going to be Barry Allen or Eobard Thawne as their Flash… and might we get John Barrowman back for the crossover at least? It would be cool. Oh… and look on the bottom left corner… isn’t that one Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold? Hes on the good guy side.

If this piece by Phil Jimenez is accurate and they told him who to draw… then we’ll meet live-action The Ray (which means we should hear some casting news soon), and we might get to meet the other Freedom Fighters: Phantom Lady Black Condor and Red Tornado. We know Curtis survives Lian Yu and it looks like Wild Dog might be getting a mask upgrade.

Now that the episodes are filming, we should start getting more close. And the marriage of Barry and Iris is the “love is in the air” thing Guggenheim teased a while back. And they’re keeping the tradition in comics where weddings always attract bad guys.

Crisis on Earth-X will air in 4 parts, the Supergirl and Arrow part will air back-to-back Monday November 27th and then Flash and Legends will air back-to-back on Tuesday November 28th.

Crisis On Earth-X

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