CW Continues Its Super Season Promos With Captain Cold Mention

Yesterday, we ran a CW promo that showed Bob, a guy who works in a cubicle putting up his new Star City Insurance calendar. When he can’t reach his push pin, a friendly neighborhood archer helps out. It turns out that was just the second of what is now five promos they’ve released to promote the Super Season, which starts October 9th.

They start out with Bob on his day off and trying to have a barbecue when he drops his matches. Luckily, Supergirl is flying overhead and lends some heat vision.

Then there’s the one we mentioned, with Bob and the calendar:

And we have Bob out for a drive when he notices an attractive woman jogging. I’m not going to comment on just how long they showed us the jogger moving away from camera… but as he’s gaze is transfixed, the Flash zooms by.

This one I found very interesting in that it’s basically a promo for Captain Cold. Even though Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) died in Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, he has returned a few times and will be back again.Captain Cold

And that’s what this video is about: Captain Cold on a crime spree — or at least the news talking about it. Bob (poor Bob) is shocked to hear this and overflows the coffee he is pouring. Luckily, someone happens to quick-freeze it for him.

And finally, Bob heads out for his morning walk when the Waverider appears and then disappears.

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