Arrow Season 6 Is Not Ending The Flashback Scenes

During the airing of the Vixen animated movie on the CW, they aired some interviews with the different Arrowverse showrunners talking about the upcoming season. But they only showed a portion of those interviews. The one they did with Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle of Arrow included some interesting information… like the fact that the flashback aren’t gone as we were lead to believe.Arrow

Flashbacks to Oliver’s days before becoming a vigilante were a hallmark of the show. We’d see parallels between what was going on in modern day and what was happening on the island or in Hong Kong, or Russia… he really got around. And as Arrow tells the story in real time, the story of the flashbacks were meant to be as well. Five years from the sinking of the Queen’s Gambit to Oliver returning home would be five years of television time. And the choice to blow up Lian Yu at the end of season 5 was a symbolic way to close the door to that story.

But Guggenheim says that they haven’t done away with flashback… just the serialized flashbacks that told Oliver’s journey from entitled rich kid to killer while the modern days story was from killer to hero. The show will still use flashbacks, just not in the same way. Now they can spend more time in modern day, or they could flash back to other characters pasts and tell their origin stories. They won’t be used as much or tell on ongoing story, but they’re not completely gone.

They go on to speak about the team of bad guys coming in the new season, the use of Black Siren and how Oliver will deal with having his son around. They also talk about sharing characters between shows and how they tried to bring Flash villains over in season four and that it didn’t quite fit tonally.

Arrow returns for season 6 on October 12th.

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