Remember Everyone, Darkseid Is A Baby Now (SPOILERS)

Remember Everyone, Darkseid Is A Baby Now (SPOILERS)

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Tom King and Mitch Gerads have their second issue of Mister Miracle out tomorrow, In the first highly celebrated issue, we were consistently reminded of something about Darkseid.

That he exists. That he is. Reminiscent of the name for God being “I Am.” But maybe it should have been rewritten to take account of current DC Comics continuity?

Because people remember.

In Justice League #50, at the end of the New 52, Darkseid comes into conflict with the Anti-Monitor. Darkseid’s daughter, Grail, leads the Anti-Monitor, who is revealed to be a scientist named Mobius, to Darkseid for the former to kill the latter. Mobius believes that with the death of Darkseid, he will be free from being the Anti-Monitor. After an intense battle, the Anti-Monitor fuses the Black Racer with Flash and sends it after Darkseid. Using the fused Flash and his own powers, he kills Darkseid. With Darkseid dead, the universe is unbalanced as it has lost its God of Evil. Later, Lex Luthor would be merged with the Omega Sanction, becoming the new ruler of Apokolips.

After killing the Anti-Monitor using an anti-life equation powered Steve Trevor, Grail would later resurrect Darkseid through the newborn child of Superwoman. The child has the same powers as his father Mazahs, with the ability to steal the powers of others.

Stealing the new “God” abilities of the Justice League, Grail fuses them with the child and brings Darkseid back to life. However, he is under her complete control. Grail later attempts to redeem herself by seemingly killing Darkseid with the anti-life equation. However, it is later revealed that she reincarnated him back as a baby with the intention of teaching him differently.

And that was the last we saw of Baby Darkseid before DC Rebirth. But created by Geoff Johns, do you really expect that to be the end? This is Geoff Johns, master architect of the DC Universe, where will his tendrils spread?

Find out tomorrow…

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