Dan Jurgens Talks About The Oz Effect Starting In Action Comics #987

Dan Jurgens talked with DC All Access about the big mystery of who Mr. Oz is and the reveal tomorrow in Action Comics #987. It’s the first part of the new The Oz Effect story arc.

Oz has been popping up in various stories over the last few months and seems to know just about everything about the life of Superman. But the reveal will show us more than just who he is, but also why he is doing what he’s doing. The guy has Doomsday and Mr. Mxyzptlk, and it’s hard to tell if he’s protecting or antagonizing Superman. Jurgens promises that the new storyline will reveal it all.

The Oz Effect

If you’re wondering what the effect of this story will be on Superman, Jurgens says that we’ll end up with a Man of Steel that is not only questioning his purpose on Earth, but what exactly his future is. It builds over the story to a final confrontation between Superman and Mr. Oz in Action Comics #991, which Jurgens promises will be a very powerful conclusion. So readers will get the answer about Oz, but will be left with questions about Superman, Lois Lane and, Jonathan that will play out over the following year.

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