Dame Judi Dench Would Like To Play A Supervillain. How About Cassandra Nova?

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An interview just ran on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme with John Humphrys, timed for both the show’s 60th anniversary and Dame Judi Dench‘s 50th anniversary of her own professional debut as an actor with the Old Vic Company as Ophelia in Hamlet. A role she says she could play much better now, knowing how to suggest madness with one thing rather than trying to do everything…Dame Judi Dench

Talking about the roles that have brought her fame, she expressed a desire to play a bad guy. And that she feels she is typecast as the “good guy” right now and has a real desire to play a proper villain.

Isn’t it natural that my mind might turn to the superhero films? Especially with a greater willingness to gender bend characters for the big screen? Female supervillains have often emphasised the youthful sexiness of the characters, probably part of the while male supervillains have a greater range of types, and go older as well.

The Rose? The Mad Thinker? The Red Ghost? Metallo? Father Time? If you wanted Dame Judi Dench to play a supervillain, where would you go?

Remember, casting directors may well be reading the comments of this article…

Dench, who has played everything in the movies from Lady Bracknell to Miss Matty Jenkyns in Cranford to M in the James Bond films, Iris Murdoch to playing Queen Victoria again in the new movie Victoria And Abdul also talked about having no desire to retire soon, and rejected that she even knew what the word meant. So, you have quite some time to cast the octogenarian actor in the supervillain role of a lifetime.

So, you have quite some time to cast the octogenarian actor in the supervillain role of a lifetime. Just, you know, don;t leave it too long. Anyway, we all know English actors play the best supervillains, right?

Although if you insist on being bound by age and gender… how about Cassandra Nova? Simon Kinberg?

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