Mobius Final Fantasy Is A Year Old And Still A Unique Take On The Mobile RPG

Despite being out for over a year now world wide, Mobius Final Fantasy remains a rather unique take on the mobile RPG front. While a lot of your progression is based on a map with specific quest targets and you move around it in the usual progression, the game also comprises of real time combat, which is an interesting choice for a mobile JRPG. Even odder is that the game is fully playable on Steam in 4K with 60FPS frame rates.

Honestly, I have no idea how on earth they got this thing to run on mobile devices, but the fact that it is actually playable and not super prone to horrific crashes amazes me to this day.

I’d mostly overlooked this game in the absolutely massive quantity of Final Fantasy games, especially when you consider just how many mobile FF titles are out there, but after sitting down at PAX West to play it, I’m seriously reconsidering that stance. And its not just because the game generally looks good, the above screenshot was taken during the first anniversary event, and outside of the oddly cartoony moogles, the game looks really damn slick.

No, I’m wondering why the hell I haven’t heard a whole lot about the game. Sure, I’ve seen some news about it, like the FFXIII crossover event coming soon and the FFVII remake event from a few months back, but that was the usual PR.

No, I’m wondering why the hell I haven’t heard anything from people who play it. Because a lot of people do. And yet somehow, I have remained in my ignorant “Mobius FF isn’t worth my time” bubble.

Well, no longer is that the case. The game has a rather sophisticated combat system for a mobile game, especially considering that it is real time (with an auto-battle feature). In fact, you need to keep track of elemental weaknesses in your enemies, just like you would in a more traditional RPG. You have to keep track of how much of your own elemental gauge is full in order to truly decimate your enemies with proper ease, and it links seamlessly between mobile and steam versions.

And I do mean seamlessly. I didn’t think it was possible, but in the last few days I have had absolutely no trouble logging into the game on either my phone or PC and accessing the same game just where I left off with it previously. No bugs, no crashes.

Sure, it has the usual Final Fantasy story of warriors of light, crystals, and moogles, but the development team have, for the most part, worked on the main game series. Game director Yoshinori Kitase was one of the minds behind the FFXIII series of games and many of the team worked on Final Fantasy X as well. So that was never going to be a small point of the game. It wasn’t going to be glanced over and ignored. That would just be a waste of an IP.

Essentially, Mobius Final Fantasy promised players a new Final Fantasy just like the traditional console games but on mobile. And while the story is still underway, the dev team seem to have made a commendable effort to deliver on that promise. And damn was it a weighty one.


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