Multiplayer Insanity With 'Arrow Heads' At PAX West

Multiplayer Insanity With ‘Arrow Heads’ At PAX West

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OddBird Studios is already about to release Arrow Heads onto Steam on September 21st, but before the game comes out, we got a final look at the build as the devs lined up people to do multiplayer battles. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the game, you’re basically doing four-player competitive battles in a small space with multiple levels to shoot from. Everyone is an archer with a kind of twin-stick control. You can move around and avoid the arrows coming your way, but you’ll need to stand still to aim, charge up, and fire at your opponents.

credit//OddBird Studio

The gameplay itself is insane as you’ll find yourself running for cover frequently and trying to pick and choose your spots. The game goes until someone scores ten points, but that task is much easier said than done. In my group, there was a clear-cut winner from the get-go, and the three of us had to eliminate that player to have any kind of fun beyond just watching us lose to him. There are a lot of levels and challenges throughout Arrow Heads that we didn’t get a chance to touch on, but it will make for some thrilling multiplayer matches when it comes out in a few weeks.

credit//OddBird Studio
credit//OddBird Studio
credit//OddBird Studio

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