Happy National Beer Lovers Day, Beer Nerds!

Happy National Beer Lovers Day, Beer Nerds!

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Apparently today is National Beer Lovers Day, and while I won’t be celebrating until later tonight (after all, it’s only 6:30am where I am), I can not pass up a chance to celebrate beer. In honor of the day, here’s some of my favorite episodes of Barzinga that Rich Henn and myself have done!

Barzinga at Heroic Aleworks. The superhero themed brewery in Woodbridge, VA, should absolutely be on your list of places to visit.

Barzinga with Jim Shooter, Alex Saviuk, and Paul Soles. When Henn and I visited the Great Lakes Comic Con, we got to hang out with some pretty amazing people, at a pretty amazing con.

Barzinga’s first Bleeding Cool episode! Despite that Henn and I had done a handful of episodes before switching to Bleeding Cool, this was still big for us.

If you want to see our pre Bleeding Cool episodes, check out our Facebook page. A number of them should still be online! Cheers!

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