Trying Out Three Different Oasis Games Titles At PAX West

Oasis Games usually has some cool titles under their belts whenever they make their way to a convention, so when I saw the invite to check them out at PAX West, I was kinda stoked to see what they were doing next. There were three different games at their booth I got to experiment with, the first and most promising being Light Tracer. A VR title, you basically control a beam of light that guides a small princess around a maze to accomplish challenges and make it to the top of the tower she is on. The controls were very easy to figure out as one had pointed the wand, while the other adjusted the camera and made her jump.

Next up was a fun little hack-n-slash title called Hidden Dragon Legend. This one was alright, but not particularly a favorite of mine as you battle many ninjas on rooftops. The control system, while clever, has way too many moves to memorize right off the bat. I felt like most of my demo was just trying to pull off moves that weren’t necessary, compounded by a randomized button game that impeded part of my progress. While fun to play, it still has some kinks that need to be worked out.

The one I didn’t have such a great time with was Fringe Wars, which is essentially a space shooter game where you command a fleet of ships. My biggest issue with the demo I played is that there is no traditional Y-Axis control, and you need to use the bumpers on a controller to go up and down as you navigate. That made playing it a pain as I was now compensating for a missing control scheme. This could have been a lot more fun had that not been an issue. Overall, Oasis Games had some cool titles to check out, but it’s clear their VR game stood heads above the rest.

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