Trying Out A More Refined Version Of 'Wolfenstein II' At PAX West

Trying Out A More Refined Version Of ‘Wolfenstein II’ At PAX West

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Wolfenstein II is about a month away from release, but I had to get my hands on the latest version of it to try it out before release. The latest demo available was at PAX West and Bethesda set up a big demo area, complete with strawberry milkshakes in plastic collector’s cups like they did at E3. The bits I got to play were the very beginning of the game which has been shown off and leaked in multiple areas, as you crawl out of bed and have to make your way through a submarine in a wheelchair.


While it was a familiar bit of territory, this time around the movement felt smoother and cleaner than it did before, so overall Wolfenstein II is practically ready to come out. What I will say is that the presentation of the game is so well done that anything less than what we’re getting as far as commercials and promo material and build up may backfire. This is a big title for Bethesda and they’re doing everything they can to hype you on it, and what little I’ve played has met expectations so far. But the true test is going to be when that main game comes out and people start comparing it to the current ebb and flow of the hype. Bethesda is on a good pace, here’s hoping they cross the finish line with a killer title.


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