Loki Cosplay Saved Woman After Chairs Thrown At Dragon Con Hotel

Loki Cosplay Saved Woman’s Life After Chairs Thrown From 10th Floor Of Dragon Con Hotel

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Two women were hospitalised at sci-fi/fantasy convention Dragon Con this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, when persons unknown threw a number of chairs from a hotel patio/terrace, ten floors up. One who was injured, Kelly McDaniel posted images of her injuries on Facebook. 

If anyone has any information about the inconsiderate jerks(s) that threw 3 chairs from the Marriott balcony and split my head open, please send it to Cristóbal Esteban Poth or me. I was just discharged and we are headed home to recover from a horrifying experience. I have lost all faith in humanity, but I’m counting my blessings that I wasn’t hurt any worse. I could’ve died because of some drunk idiot.

The graphic image of her injury, which Kelly has wanted to be shared along with the rest of her appeal, appears at the bottom of this article. McDonald has requested that anyone with any information about the matter contact Crime Stoppers of Greater Atlanta. Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for anyone with further information.

Fox5 spoke to McDaniel who told them “It really did sound like gunshots, we were scared and a lot of people there so it’s a mass panic and everybody is going crazy, and it was traumatic. I feel this sharp pain and I thought maybe someone hit me with a water bottle, saw chairs everywhere and someone dragged me inside. It was complete chaos,”

Loki Cosplay Saved Woman's Life After Chairs Thrown From 10th Floor Of Dragon Con Hotel

She told Channel 2 Action News that she felt lucky to be alive and that her Loki cosplay costume may have lessened the impact of the blow, saying “I really think the hat saved my life.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution spoke to Atlanta police officer Carlos Campos who said that the tenth floor had a terrace area from which chairs could have been thrown and that they do not believe the chairs came from a guest’s room.

Posting to their private Facebook group, Dragon Con eventually  issued the following statement, quoted elsewhere,

Two women at Dragon Con were injured at the convention early Sunday morning when two chairs were dropped from an outside balcony on the 10th floor in the Marriott to a landing below. The women were treated and released at separate hospitals.

We are grateful that the injuries were not more severe. And we are proud of the Dragon Con attendees who stepped up quickly, realized the severity of the situation and provided immediate assistance.

Atlanta Police Department is investigating.

McDaniel has talked online about not being able to return the show, trying to identify her assailant and pursuing legal solutions. There has been no other information released about the identity of the other victim.

Loki Cosplay Saved Woman's Life After Chairs Thrown From 10th Floor Of Dragon Con Hotel


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