Full Spoilery Cover To Action Comics #989 Revealed

This was the solicited cover to Action Comics #989 by Nick Bradshaw showing Superman with the whole world in his hands.

This is the Frank Quitely cover from All-Star Superman #10 that it was homaging.

And this is the actual full cover by Nick Bradshaw that has now been revealed.

That’s Jor-El. Or, at least, someone who has had reconstructive surgery to look like his twin brother… and then suffered a hideous accident so that you have to cover your face…


(W) Dan Jurgens (A) Viktor Bogdanovic (CA) Nick Bradshaw
“THE OZ EFFECT” part three! The startling revelation of Mr. Oz’s origin has stopped the Man of Steel dead in his tracks. With Superman distracted by disasters looming around the world, Mr. Oz has the time to confront Lois Lane.
RATED T In Shops: Oct 11, 2017 SRP: $2.99

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