Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Meet BB-9E: The Goth Version Of BB-8

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Looks like the goths fans of Star Wars are going to get their own adorable little droid, now that we’ve seen the final line-up for Force Friday tonight. One of the big sellers two years ago was a little BB-8 droid made by Sphero that you could control with your phone. For those that lean toward the dark side Variety has some more details about the little droid for you; BB-9E

The companies described the new toy as a “rolling menace” and said that it was part of the Astromech unit of the First Order that keep their starships and machinery operational.

Like BB-8, BB-9E has a ball body but it differs with a small dome-ish head that moves independently of the body. It also has a red eye.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Meet BB-9E

Tiny goth BB-8 is adorable!

Sphero also announced another new droid based on R2-D2, which will go for $189.99, while BB-9E will retail for $149.99.

Summary: Having taken her first steps into a larger world in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), Rey continues her epic journey with Finn, Poe and Luke Skywalker in the next chapter of the saga.


There’s also a Funko version of BB-9E.

Funko The Last Jedi Pop BB 9E

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, directed by Rian Johnson, stars Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill, Oscar Isaac, Carrie Fisher, and Adam Driver. It will be released on December 15th.

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