New Trailer For Inhumans Shows Big Changes For The Royal Family

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We have another trailer for ABC’s Inhumans and this one could reveal a pretty major plot point. If you’re looking to go into this spoiler free it would be best not to watch this trailer until the end. The spoiler moment comes after the logo so if you stop before that you’ll be fine. Otherwise, here’s the trailer and let’s talk underneath.

So, they might be cutting Medusa’s hair off. That is quite an interesting choice to make, but it does make sense from a budget standpoint. Hair is not an easy thing to CGI and taking it away is better than coming up with contrived reasons for her not to use it. Star Serinda Swan was spotted on the set of this show with short, red hair but many assumed that was just between scenes and waiting for the wig. That is also one way to make the critics shut up about said wig; just take it away.

Medusa - Inhumans

Now there is no telling if this is going to be the direction they go with for the entire series. The moments in the trailers that we’ve seen all look like they could take place in those first two episodes. There are probably large portions of this show that we haven’t seen yet and likely won’t see until after the IMAX premiere. That is certainly one way to get headlines but maybe not in the way they want.

Marvel’s The Inhumans, created by Scott Buck, stars Anson Mount, Serinda Swan, Iwan Rheon, Isabelle Cornish, Eme Ikuwuakor, and Ken Leung It premiers in IMAX September 1 and on ABC September 29.

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