More Evidence (If You Needed It) On The Identity Of Mr Oz In Today's Action Comics #986 (SPOILERS)

More Evidence (If You Needed It) On The Identity Of Mr Oz In Today’s Action Comics #986 (SPOILERS)

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It today’s Action Comics #986 by Rob Williams and Guillem march, Superman and Lex Luthor are dealing with the machinations of The Machinist. Whose creations seem to be sporting a familiar-ish logo.

A Z within an O. Which has been seen on tattoos of those followers of the mysterious Mr Oz…

p13_1 copy

And previously identified as being the logo of the Nostalgia perfume created by Adrian Veidt, Ozymandias in Watchmen.


But also meaning Oz – for Ozymandias. It can also, however, be interpreted as a reverse-S within a circle, reminiscent of the symbol of the House Of El on Krypton. And so in today;’s Action Comics as Mr Oz comes a-calling to remove any signs of that logo being recognised…

Check those deep blue eyes…

And the heat vision that emanates from them, combined with the condemnation of a father…

With a soupcon of fascism on the side…

We see the symbol of the House Of El desecrated by Mr Oz. Almost as if it were personal. Bleeding Cool has been running the theory that Mr Oz is Jor El for quite some time now.

Is this all the evidence you need for the identity of Mr Oz being the pre-Crisis father of Superman, Jor-El? Or does this cover also mean something else?

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