Whedonesque Website Closes After Whedongate, Requests Donations Towards PTSD Treatments

Posted by August 21, 2017 Comment

Whedonesque is one of the longest-serving and most prominent fan websites, celebrating the work of writer/director Joss Whedon, and of those related to his TV shows, movies and comic books, as well as the careers of cast and crew associated with his projects.

Today, a day after allegations about his behaviour were made public by his ex-wife Kai Cole, iun which she talked about them leading her to be treated for complex PTSD, the Whedonesque webmasters have chosen to close the website.  The site will be maintained as it now exists but without any further articles, and comments will soon cease.

While not mentioning the allegations, the site’s motivation is clear as they state “if you want to mark our passing, please find a charity or organisation that deals with the treatment of Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) and leave a donation.”

Whedonesque was started in 2002 by Caroline van Oosten de Boer and Milo Vermeulen. In 2004, Joss Whedon began posting to the site, increasing its popularity, announcing preview screenings of Serenity, then including his thoughts on Veronica Mars, the canonicity of Buffy comics and updates on his projects. It was there he also announced he was no longer working on a Wonder Woman movie, and the site was cited by major media outlets and in scholarly theses.

The site has, however, been less prominent of late, with fewer stories, links and comments. This may have also contributed to the decision to close and archive the site, but the timing and the references within do seem to imply greater topical reasons.





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