DC Comics Gives Us A Nazi Batman, Coming To Detective Comics In November (Batwoman #6 Spoilers)

DC Comics Gives Us A Nazi Batman, Coming To Detective Comics In November (Batwoman #6 Spoilers)

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Yeah, you thought you’d gotten away with a Nazi fascist Steve Rogers in Secret Empire. But you know that Batman and Captain America often seem to follow similar plotlines. Well… in today’s Batwoman #6, we take a trip to the near future. And a SHIELD Helicarrier Colony Battleship approaching Gotham to see what’s up. And Batwoman on deck.

With a dead Batman and Julia Pennyworth… and a new Batman. Well, it’s not Jason Todd, the Red Hood. Nick Fury he is right there with her.

And this Batman is as fascist as all hell. Batdrones filling the skies watching everyone…

…and an army of Batsoldiers patrolling the streets in tight formation…

They even sport the symbols.

But who is it? Damian Wayne, the 666 Batman? Dick Grayson, the natural heir to Batman? Carrie Kelley? Harper Row? Duke Thomas? Nope.

In the Titans Tomorrow storyline a fair few years ago, the future version of Tim Drake had become Timothy Drake, The Batman, who had become an even more fascistic version of the Gotham vigilante.

Bruce Wayne had been killed as had many of his friends and colleagues, and Tim had began using the gun that once killed Thomas and Martha Wayne and began systematically taking down all of Gotham’s most notorious villains including the Joker, the Riddler, Two-Face, Hush, Killer Croc, the Penguin and the Scarecrow. Arkham Asylum was now turned into a cemetery.

The young Tim Drake, in a time travelling trip to this world beat his older self and swore never to become him.


He said it a lot.

Looks like he didn’t say it enough. And the story of Tim Drake, the Nazi Batman will be continuing in The Fall Of The Batmen, starting in November.

You know, for all those who will have just finished Secret Empire and are wondering what next…

(W) Marguerite Bennett, James TynionIV (A) V Kenneth Marion (A/CA) Eddy Barrows

“OPEN FIRE” part one! Return to the brief flash of the future seen in BATWOMAN: REBIRTH and meet Commander Kane-a battle-hardened version of Batwoman! Hurting from battles unknown, she’s taken control of the deadly Colony and declared war on Gotham City! What could possibly cause Kate Kane to bring the battlefront to her home? Find out here!

In Shops: Aug 16, 2017
SRP: $3.99

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