A Brand New Strong Bad Email Just Hit

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If you grew up and graduated highschool in the 2000s, chances are you know who Strong Bad is. If you played Guitar Hero(s), then chances are you may know all the words to the CLASSIC rock song, “Trogdor The Burninator”.  Played by voice actor Matt Chapman, Strong Bad and his emails have returned!

To begin, Draw an S for snake, or dragon..or whatever

If all this sounds like gibberish to you, don’t worry. All you need to know is for awhile, there was a website called homestarrunner.com and it contained some pretty great comedy in the form of digital cartoons featuring Strong Bad, a luchador, and his friends.  There were shorts, there were music videos, there were games, and even Strong Bad answering fan letters in the form of “emails”.  These were a treat, a treasure, and if you didn’t know them by heart, your best friend’s brother and his friends who introduce you to all of them.

After a LONG absence, word came down last year that there would be new content hitting good ol Homestar Runner, and starting on April Fool’s Day of all dates, they’ve been delivering.

Today we were gifted with a BRAND NEW STRONG BAD EMAIL:

Please, make sure you fall down the rabbit hole of watching all the cartoons; Teen Girl Squad, the commercials, and the daily adventures of Homestar and Marzipan.

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