Team Killing Almost Totally Eliminated From ‘Friday The 13th’

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If you haven’t been dealing with team killing in Friday The 13th: The Game, I would argue that you’re either not really playing it, or you’re one of the people who team kill. If you’re not aware of what team killing is, it’s when someone on your side decides that they don’t want you to win and will shoot you dead during the match. Sadly, it has become almost fashionable to kill off someone just before the timer runs out, or kill them to get in a car, or kill them just before they reach the cops because… fuck it! The devs aren’t going to do anything about it, right? Well, turns out, the devs have been concentrating almost entirely on this while they were trying to get the Xbox One version to work.

The latest update to Friday The 13th has been finalized and will be unleashed onto the public shortly, as the devs indicated in the game’s subreddit yesterday evening. However, not everything is as cut and dry. There’s still some issues you’ll have to look out for. First, TK will be removed from public matches, however, cars can still kill people and traps can still hurt and kill others, but no XP penalty loss will hit the trap placer. TK is still allowed in private matches, primarily because the people setting those up know each other and it’s usually fair game for house rules.

Of course, much like any trolls or griefers, people will find new ways to be jerks. There’s still no patch that prevents people from hanging out on the roof of buildings if you can hack your way up there, and sending Jason to the moon still works if you hit Jason at the right time during a firecracker set. No official date was given for the patch, so keep an eye out for it, or just take some time away from the game if you’re not enjoying it while unfriendlies still troll you for hours.

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