Charlotte Flair And Lana: A Battle Of The Blondes On SmackDown Live

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Lana‘s had a match against Charlotte Flair on her mind for some time now. The “Ravishing Russian” is certainly passionate, but Flair is physically bigger, and frankly more charismatic. The two against each other though makes for a great match. While Lana relies on slaps and frail attempts at trying to take her enemies down, Flair is capable of lifting her opponents, throwing them, throwing her legs into their face and even putting them into a figure four — which is what she did to Lana, which resulted in Lana tapping out.

This match seemed very disproportionate. Maybe Lana is a great wrestler, but she needs to develop more, and her gimmick is kind of annoying. I understand being a heel, but you can be a heel without being so, well, unconvincing. Flair was laughing and having a helluva time, though, and even applauded after it was done. Flair may very well be the best female wrestler in the WWE currently. I sincerely hope she goes over to RAW one day to boost up their women’s side.

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