Has Geoff Johns Forgotten Justice League: Rise Of The Seven Seas?

It’s coming up on four years since Geoff Johns was given the mandate to limit his monthly output of books to just 2 and as a result cut his run on Aquaman short with his final issue #25. However fans were left with some hope that he would not forget about the Sea King as the epilogue teased Justice League: Rise of the Seven Seas: COMING SOON!

Well Geoff moved on to a brief stint writing Superman and not much was heard that furthered story of King Nereus of Xebel’s proposition to Ocean Master at the end of Aquaman #25 and indeed neither character has been seen or heard from since. Keep in mind however, that both these characters have been cast in James Wan’s AQUAMAN movie coming next year.

Then in the fall of 2015, Geoff tweeted this:

And there was much rejoicing in Twitterville as fans of The New 52 Aquaman team of Johns, Ivan Reis & Joe Prado were given that they might get to relive the glory days of the series’ initial run (remember, at that time Aquaman was in the midst of a widely controversial and run written by Cullen Bunn.

Then came DC’s massively successful Rebirth launch in May of 2016 where Geoff said on record with new Aquaman writer Dab Abnett that they would be collaborating on Rise in the near future. Geoff also teased the story-line in print in a DC house ad for Rebirth where he told fans to “Keep an eye on Aquaman around the DC Universe as the secrets of The Seven Seas begin to unfold…”

What’s the marine life equivalent of crickets?  Because that was over a year ago and we’ve heard nothing.

Now we all know Johns was given a rather sizeable promotion as President of DC Entertainment and he’s also busy writing the highly anticipated Justice League/Watchmen crossover but why not address the issue head on? If the story has been scrapped then just say so. Or tap another writer to work from John’s notes and bring some closure to the story Aquaman readers have been pining over for years.

A quick search reveals that Johns gets asked about the story on Twitter frequently – but he has yet to respond.

In a scene from DC Universe Rebirth #1, Aquaman romantically proposes to Mera but the two are no closer to the altar a year later, and may be even farther away from it than before. Aquaman is hanging out in the Underworld of Atlantis with the sea ingenue Dolphin while Mera has replaced him as a member of the Justice League over with Bryan Hitch.

Oh, and then there’s this unexplained tweet from DC from last year:

Over a year ago now… does Aquaman’s right hand not know what his left hook is doing?

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