Marvel Comics – Someone From The Top, Up For The Chop?

I heard whispers of this at San Diego Comic-Con, but hearing more at London Film And Comic-Con. The gossip amongst comic book professionals, a number of whom work for Marvel Comics, that Marvel is about to lose someone senior.  That Disney (with a little cajoling from Kevin Feige‘s people) are demanding a scalp over the negative publicity that surrounded the publisher earlier in the year, a mix between Nazi Captain America and Diversity Disaster. Someone like Ike Perlmutter is far too powerful in the organisation, is a major shareholder of Disney and is in with the President and other senior Republican figures – and with copyright laws coming up for discussion again, he’s very well placed to help Disney keep control of Mickey Mouse and Winnie The Pooh.

But I’m told a sacrifice is demanded. Mind you I can’t think of anyone at Marvel who wouldn’t be instantly snapped up by the competition. So any golden handcuffs are going to have to be very will-gilded indeed.

If course, this is just the professionals gossiping and it might be as much wish-fulfillment or fear-fulfillment as with any comic book fan. I can’t deny however that there has been a lot of it from people who should be in the know. Or those who know people in the know. If anything does happen, and of course there is no guarantee it will, I’m told to expect it by New York Comic-Con in October.

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