Is This The Proof You Need For The Identity Of Mister Oz From Today’s Action Comics #984?

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Today’s Action Comics #984 sees Zod fight the Superman squad while Superman himself has been exiled with a few other super friends (and enemies) to the Phantom Zone. And everyone steps up in Superman’s absence. And, spoilers, that includes Superman Jr. Jonathan Kent. Superman’s son and the beneficiary of a little post-Rebirth tinkering with the timeline courtesy of Mr Oz. That mysterious fellow who has been watching over Super man and either helping or hindering him, depending on your – or his – perspective.

So as the Super Son gets into a Kryptonian battlesuit for a little extra voomph against Zod, he also gets a little help.

No, that’s not Tony Starks’ AI, that appears to be Mr Oz. Talking to Jonathan, helping him out, and being very familiar with the workings of a Kryptonian battle suit. Is that the biggest hint so far that, yes, it is somehow the Pre-Crisis father of Superman Jor-El? And not Watchmen’s Ozymandias after all?

It’s certainly a strengthened possibility…

Mr Oz was introduced in Superman #32 by Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr, and spent his time watching Superman, knowing who he was.

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A man who trained the young Superman. 

With all those screens.

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He has followers with a logo that could read OZ, but could also be the logo of…


…the Nostalgia perfume created by Ozymandias. And he turned up in Rebirth, as we have seen….

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Of course there are many other mysteries still to be told.

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Behind those doors? Manhattan? Bubastis? Squid?

Action Comics #984 by Dan Jurgens, Patrick Zircher and Hi-Fi is published today by DC Comics.

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