Hang On, Why Am I Being Asked To Preview Tomorrow’s Pitiful Human Lizard #14?

The Pitiful Human- Lizard is a comic book series created by cartoonist Jason Loo and published by Canadian publisher Chapterhouse Comics. The story follows corporate lackey Lucas Barrett who finds excitement outside his 9-to-5 job as a struggling superhero. And there’s a new issue out tomorrow.


The Frustrated Four, Human-Lizard’s arch-nemeses, have been tearing Toronto apart, and only Lady Accident can see their real motives. While Lady Accident takes on these formidable foes, their pet monster, Johnny Bodyrocks, feels the stirrings of a new transformation.

Written and illustrated by Jason Loo
Colour assists by Meaghan Carter
Cover by Jason Loo

The bigtime villain of this issue, according to the preview below, is TV gossip personality-turned-super villain and real estate agnet, Eaton Peepers. Hmm. I wonder why ex-Bleeding Cool writer/ex-Comics Alliance EIC/current Chapterhouse marketing man Andrew Wheeler thought to send it to me…

If you buy one comic tomorrow… then buy Saga #45. But if you buy two comics tomorrow, why not buy Saga #45 and The Pitiful Human-Lizard #14.

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