An Advanced Throwback: We Review The Tokyoflash Polygon LCD Watch

Tokyoflash is one of the best geeky accessory companies you’ve probably never heard of and need to. They specialize in watches, but not just any watches, these are well-designed watches made to look like they came out of the future. The front of every watch is created in a specific way so that your average joe walking by can’t tell what the time is, but you can. So it’s like having this really cool talking piece that’s also a game and looks really stylish, all while being able to keep the time. Pretty sweet, right?

We received a couple of these watches for review, and today we’re going to be looking at the Kisai Polygon LCD Watch.

Right out of the box you can see they made sure to package this so that it wouldn’t be damaged. The watch itself is a stainless steel band with a clasp that is slightly adjustable (to a small degree). Many of the watches that come from Tokyoflash are usually USB rechargeable, but this is one of the few that run on a standard battery with the back sealed shut so that it won’t take damage. You will need to visit a jeweler to change out the battery, but you’ll see quickly why that won’t be an issue for years to come.

The front of the watch is an LCD screen that is designed to look a bit old-school. If you look closely, it resembles many of the old Tiger Electronic games of the past, where the time is told by seeing what areas of the face are highlighted. The outer triangles tell the hour, the inner triangles give the first half of the minute, and the inner-ring shows off a number to tell the second half of the minute. In this case shown above, the time is 7:21 pm. A clever design that’s easy to read once you get the hang of it.

The watch only has two modes: the current time and an alarm. This is done to keep things simple and make the design easy to determine no matter what time of day it is. The alarm is fairly loud, but not so much that it’s annoying. It will alert you of the time to wake up or whatever appointment you have, but not be an annoyance. A nice bonus to the watch is that it does have a soft green backlight that will stay on for about seven seconds as you’re able to check the time. As you can see below, the green is most prominent in the lighter areas that tell the time, in this case signifying that it is 1:52 am.

The structure of the Polygon is sound and can take a bit of a beating. We dropped it on the floor a few times and saw no damage to the device, nor did it lose time or cause the battery to shake loose. However, this watch is not totally waterproof, so while it can take a licking, it can also drown if you submerge it in water. It can also be clasped around either way on the wrist, making it versatile depending on how you like to check the time. The watch does weigh a little so that you do notice it’s on your arm, 130g to be precise. But like most watches of this nature, after frequent use, you’ll barely notice its there.

The Polygon LCD Watch from Kisai is an amazing get. A simplistic look and feel that also appears like it came out of the future. If anything, it will be an amazing item to show off to friends and will be a standout to your wardrobe whether it be a causal everyday item or for special occasions. The face does get tricky at times to read when you have a number that hugs the edges more and doesn’t have definined points, but that’s a small problem considering that’s the look and design.

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