Yes, Pearl Mackie Is In The Doctor Who Christmas Special, But No, Not Next Year’s Series

Thanks to Erin Wilhelm, writing for Bleeding Cool from Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con.

The Doctor Who production team finished making the Christmas special three days ago. So they are going to show some off to San Diego Comic-Con. And yes Pearl Mackie joins Mark Gatiss in it. Pearl Mackie just announced she will not be back after the Christmas special, “but it is Doctor who, so never say never”

We have Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, Michelle Gomez and Mark Gatiss on the panel.

The Christmas Special will see the first and the twelfth Doctor, stuck together in time, with two TARDISes, both refusing to regenerate. A preview has Twelve trying to tell One that nothing can happen without him regenerating and One says well what about you?

Matt Lucas says that the Christmas specials are lighter. That “Nardole was very broad in the beginning, but across the series I realized I had to find some texture in there.”

Michelle Gomez: “Interesting to possibly try on good for a period and see how it fits”.

“That friend that you once had, and it starts to crack, and you meet them 100 years later and remember why you deleted them out of your phone in the first place” About John Simm “I squashed him like a bug”.

Capaldi pointed out that the moderator made the same speech about people being concerned about the next Doctor the last time he was here (when he started as the Doctor). On Jodie Whittaker, “I think she’s going to be excellent”… “glad it is in the hands of someone who is so passionate about it”

Matt Lucas says it’s “tokenistic to choose a human as the Doctor”.

Steven Moffat has told journalists to shut up over here.

They ran a video clip tribute to Capaldi with all the feels, receiving a standing ovation from Hall H.


“I never had a standing ovation before”

Capaldi says the creation of a female Doctor came from the creation of female Master, played so well by Michele. And that the Saying real evolution to a female time lord came from Moffat.

On his co-star character Capaldi says, “Bill has her feet on the ground and her heart in the stars”. And how, as a fan, he would describe the Twelfth Doctor,  “I love him, he’s my favorite Doctor, he’s very handsome, he has the biggest hair”

Nardole’s line “some of my best friends are blueish” was improvised by Matt Lucas on set. “I suggested a monster that makes everyone gay, especially men between the ages of 22 and 28.”

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