'Krypton': Geoff Johns Promises Conspiracy And Surprise Appearances

‘Krypton’: Geoff Johns Promises Conspiracy And Surprise Appearances

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From Bleeding Cool reporter Janel Smith:

Krypton Geoff Johns conspiracy surprises

Heading into Comic-Con International at San Diego (SDCC) with a wave a high expectations, Geoff Johns promised fans that Krypton will be a high production value series when it premieres on Syfy in 2018. The series will not only tell the story of Superman’s grandfather and the fall of The House of El, but will also reveal a conspiracy hatched in a present-day DC universe to prevent the birth of of Kal-El. A number of characters from the DC comics universe will appear in the series, including: Brainiac (who was featured in the teaser); Hawkwoman, Doomsday, and Adam Strange. Despite featuring many familiar characters, the show will not have any connection to the current DC shows.

Krypton Geoff Johns conspiracy surprises

Johns was careful with what he could and couldn’t say at this point, even responding to a fan who asked if Kryptonian Nightwing and Flamebird would be making an appearance by saying that they couldn’t not do it.

All-in-all, DC seems very confident in Krypton’s future (the shows, not the planet, sadly) and from what I’ve seen I’d have to say that I can’t blame them.

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