Destiny 2's Social Space Will Open Today For One Hour Only

Destiny 2’s Social Space Will Open Today For One Hour Only

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If you’ve been kicking it in the Destiny 2 this week we have some good news for you, Bungie has decided to make the game’s social space The Farm accessible for one hour today (July 23). The Farm is Destiny 2′s version of The Tower, and will function as your main hub.

Opening at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EDT), The Farm will allow players to meet up, discuss plans, and of course, show of their sweet dance moves, now with a max capacity of 26 players, 10 more than were able to fit in The Tower in the first Destiny. During this hour, players will get the chance to explore the space, find hidden easter-eggs, as well as play a match of soccer. The Farm comes complete with a pitch, ball, and goals to keep your Guardians busy. You won’t be able to push your friends to an untimely and grizzly death anymore, however, past time I will sincerely miss. Nothing like checking my inventory for weapons I could dismantle only to wind up re-spawning because one of my fireteam decided that I just needed to die.

While the space itself will be accessible, vendors will not. This is likely because Bungie does not want to show off too much of the game before launch on September 6.

If you’ve gotten bored of playing countless Crucible matches, you may want to log back in to the beta to experience The Farm in all its glory. The rest of us will continue our endless familiar Crucible matches until the beta ends, because we are creatures of habit.

Destiny 2 will be launching on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One, with the PC version releasing on October 24.


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