Miracleman Is Coming. Just Not Yet. Wait.

At tonight’s Cup O Joe panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the question was asked from the audience to the assembled Marvel Comics bigwigs. Where is Miracleman?

Marvel Comics had been reprinting Miracleman comics for some time now, First the Mick Anglo stuff from the fifties and sixties, then the run from Warrior and Eclipse. But, on reaching Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham‘s The Silver Age storyline, with the expectation that finally it would be finished with new work, before moving on to the final Dark Age arc, they had gotten a little… stuck.

Issues were solicited. Then delayed. Then delayed further. Then disappeared. And then… nothing.

Well, at least today we got an update. More Miracleman still not ready to release yet. Mark Buckingham is redrawing issues of The Silver Age and it just is not ready yet. Marvel will return it to a publishing when they can release it on a proper schedule and on time.

We’ve waited decades. We can wait a few years more.


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