‘Secret Empire’ Will “Leave The Marvel Universe In A Very Different Place” – Sneak Peeks Ahead

From the Secret Empire panel at San Diego Comic-Con, we get a look ahead at Secret Empire #8 for the first time – as well as confirmation of the changing Hydra logos, with the remarked covers for Secret Empire #9 and #10.

However, even at San Diego Comic-Con you still get censored images.

Nick Spencer said Captain America #25 will be one of the most important tie-ins and directly set-up Secret Empire #8

Deadpool #35 will have huge ramifications for his storyline and we can look ahead to covers and content for other Secret Empire tie-ins – and, yes, you may have read about the return of Captain America elsewhere.

Secret Empire will “leave the Marvel universe in a very different place,” according to Nick Spencer. However, Alanna Smith said that we may see a lot of the bonds that were split by Civil War 2 reforged by the end.




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