Marvel Returns Cancelled Comics With One-Shots – Master Of Kung Fu, Silver Sable, Not Brand Echh, Dazzler, Power Pack And Darkhawk

Posted by July 21, 2017 Comment

Well, that is a blast from the past. Marvel Comics are going to be offering a series of one-shots for Marvel Legacy, with cancelled comic books coming back for one last issue each. Those comics include: Shang Chi, Master Of Kung Fu #126, Silver Sable #36, Not Brand Echh #14, Dazzler #43, Power Pack #63, and Darkhawk #51.

The new Legacy trade dress will have the story arc number large on the cover, all these will have a large “part 1” on the cover in addition to the actual legacy number on the letter box.

The Marvel primer pages look great and each will be 3 pages covering not just the origin, but the highlights of the character’s history.

Also expect the first FOOM (Friends Of Ol’ Marvel) out alongside Marvel Legacy #1.

How’s that nostalgia feeling?

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