Deborah Watling, Victoria In Doctor Who, Dies At 69

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In May 1967, actress Deborah Watling took on the role of Victoria Waterfield, playing opposite Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines in the popular kids TV show Doctor Who. It would be a role that would remain with her for her whole life

But today it has been announced she had died, at the age of 69.

Born in Loughton in Essex in 1948, she was a child actress and made her first TV appearance in William Tell. She would appear in the TV series The Invisible Man and played  Alice Liddell in a Dennis Potter play about Lewis Carroll. And it was that role which saw her picked out for  Doctor Who. Sadly most of the episodes she appeared in were lost or deleted.  Only Tomb Of The Cybermen exists in its entirety after being recovered in Hong Kong. After leaving the show in 1968, she would appear in shows such as The Newcomers, Rising Damp and Danger UXB.

But it is for her role in Doctor Who she is most remembered and she was a regular attendee of the convention circuit, returning to play Victoria in 1993 in the Children in Need special episode, Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time as well as a version of the character in the fan-spinoff Downtime and the recent Five-Ish Doctors.

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