DC Collectibles: Artist Alley And The Figures DC Won’t Give Me Pictures Of

You’ll have to bear with your old friend Will Romine.  You see, I’m dealing with a bit of heartbreak.  Today, I saw some super cool things at the DC Collectibles panel here at San Diego Comic Con.  They were so cool, that I wanted to share them with all of my friends in BleedingCool land.  When I approached the DC media representative to get some high-res images, she told me that “DC doesn’t work with BleedingCool.”
So pals, take a look at the pictures I took.  They’re not the best, but I tried my hardest.
DC Collectibles is entering into the collectible vinyl figure marked with their “Artist Alley” series.  While this is an oversaturated market, with every Funko, The Loyal Subjects, and Mez-Itz jockeying for a slice of that  DC brings a unique take to their vinyl.  The figures are all modeled on the work of artists who are admired by the figure sculptors, but work in a style that doesn’t quite fit into any existing product line.  These products recreate the experience of walking down artist’s alley, exposing collectors to indy interpretations of their favorite characters.  These figures are weird, memorable, and eye catching.  The first three artists featured in this series of highly detailed collectibles include Chris Uminga, Hainan “Nooligan” Saulique, and Sho Murase.  Again, I apologize for the photos.
First up is Chris Uminga’s contribution to the line.  Uminga’s signature pupill-less style style brings a creepy innocence to these iconic characters.  Kind of like a Precious Moments doll with attitude.  I don’t know whether to hug them or lock them in a windowless room.
Second, we have Sho Murase’s beautiful black and red renderings.  Employing a minimalist style, Murase’s work captures just enough of the essential lines of a character to trigger recognition, without venturing into obscurity.  Of the three artists, her works were the hardest to adapt to 3d.
Finally, we have Hainan “Nooligan” Saulique’s work.  Nooligan’s work is whimsical and honors the source material free from pretense.  His signature stule involves putting Converse sneakers on the characters. Furthermore, this is the first Batman figure with tubevsocks- certainly a unique take on perhaps the most action-figured character in history.
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I probably could have gotten a few more out of high-res image, but them’s the breaks!

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