The Many Faces Of Bleeding Cool At San Diego Comic-Con 2017

The Many Faces Of Bleeding Cool At San Diego Comic-Con 2017

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In recent months, as certain comic book websites have been closing or changing their focus, Bleeding Cool has been growing. New staff, new voices. new approaches. As you read this, Bleeding Coolers are readying themselves to head out to San Diego, California for the San Diego Comic-Con. But who from Bleeding Cool is on-site this year? Who should you thrust review copies at? Who should you invite to your parties? And who should you hide the splatterprint swipes you are selling from??

I’m not there, by the way, I’m joining the home team, dealing with the myriad of articles and stories sent our way. But these brave souls are our troops on the ground. We thank them for their service.

Kaitlyn Booth is attending her 3rd Comic-Con as a member of the press but her first writing for Bleeding Cool. When she isn’t making people mad about her opinion as Bleeding Cool’s Head Film Writer she is watching a absurd amount of political satire, not reading as much as she would like to, and podcasting with her friends on The Nerd Dome Podcast. She’ll be covering a lot of the big panels at Comic-Con International, lurking at the Marvel booth for free swag, and you can follow her on twitter @katiesmovies.

Jimmy Leszczynski has been blurring the line between comics and reality at SDCC every year since 1994, and was a nerd long before Lewis, Gilbert, and the Tri Lamdas made it cool. This is his first time covering the madness for Bleedingcool, so be gentle. Jimmy is a middle aged father of 2 that REFUSES to grow up, a lifelong Bat-Fan, and he thinks he’s pretty funny. Trust me, just laugh. It will be easier for you. He has been training his boys in the ways of Floor Show Warriors since they were born. Among other things he is @Sdbatman66 on Twitter if you can’t get enough of him.


Erin Wilhelm is a lifelong amateur geek who is now going pro at her first San Diego Comic Con with Bleeding Cool. Between her day job (that which pays the bills) and her mom job (that which pays in toddler hugs and half-eaten chicken nuggets), Erin reads and watches all the fantasy and sci-fi she can get her hands on. She is a Trekkie, Warsie, Potterhead, recreational WoW nerd, and Whovian and will be covering a least four of those five at SDCC. You can find her on twitter at @pearlsandchucks.

Joe Glass – Head Gay – is now a Staff Writer at Bleeding Cool, having been writing for the site and helping with major con coverage for five years. He’s also a comics creator in his own right, creating the very successful LGBTQ+ superhero team series, The Pride. The first volume of which was recently collected into a 280+ page hardcover book, and will be available at SDCC at the Prism Comics booth (booth#2144), where Joe will be signing on Sunday (9am-10am and 3pm-5pm). Joe has a particular interest in all things LGBTQ+ related, mutants, Marvel and DC, and not taking bull**** from pretentious creators who think they’re better than the audience, so be sure to keep an eye out for his coverage over the coming week. Joe has just got his head shaved, so he’ll be looking extra suave at this SDCC. You will mainly find him running around, drinking at the Hyatt, or making it rain at one of the drag shows.

Flying around by day wearing her fandom on her sleeve, Janel Smith is in a constant search for a new fandom to obsess over. Discovering and sharing information drives her forward in every facet of her life. Writer. Bartender. Flight Attendant. Always learning, always fan girling over one thing or another Janel’s enthusiasm knows no bounds.  That is until she comes across something she doesn’t like. Prepare yourself for honest if sometimes overly enthusiastic coverage of San Diego a Comic-Con 2017. May the Force be with us all.

Jemal Flores has been writing for Bleeding Cool for 4 years. He’s a comic book collector, a cosplayer and would -be -comic book artist. He loves all genres of anime and film You can follow him on twitter @chojinmahn

Erin Manzo has reported all things geeky since 2012, after attending the University of Miami. An avid reader, she enjoys both novels and comics. Highlights in life include every day with her two children, as well as that time she navigated Oxford solely by her knowledge of Carroll’s Alice stories.

Eliot Cole has been around these parts for years, modding, reviewing, and general help around the place. He’s all about open, decent discussion, especially about the best artistic medium in the world. He writes in ink on paper, then edits on a screen somewhere, and tries not to be distracted by all the shiny internet things. He listens mostly to K-Pop and Prog music, he watches a metric ton of film and TV, and he holds a CAMRA card.

Pinguino is a veteran convention photographer, with a background in self publishing, event production, and illustration. She’s also CEO of Cuddli, a dating app for geeks. She lives in LA and obsesses about cryptocurrency, caffeine, and cats.

Mike Sangregorio is a reporter for Bleeding Cool. He is a lifelong fan of comics and is from New York. This is his third year covering SDCC for Bleeding Cool but he is a long time attendee.

Marilyn Weiss is a children’s librarian who loves books, comics, movies, and cosplay. She also is the editor of the No Talking in the Library Podcast. This year she will be covering several library panels, the My Friend Dahmer panel (for all you MFM fans out there) and her favorite, the Her Universe Fashion Show. You can check out her pictures from the Her Universe Fashion Show by following her on Twitter @marilynjweiss

Bill Watters is the Television Writer and Special Features Editor for Bleeding Cool and will be attending SDCC for the 5th time. Hailing from San Francisco, he’s been covering the convention and pop culture scene for the past decade, and when he’s not out writing for Bleeding Cool he’s either producing his own events, being a photographer for Getty Images, or creating mobile games for a major Silicon Valley company. You can find him on Twitter as @billrw3.

Christine Marquet is an NYC based actor, writer and filmmaker. You can find her on the convention floor in Mother of Dragons cosplay, especially where Dragons can be found. Will cover TV panels and cosplay events this year at SDCC. Attending GOT bar crawl Friday night and the Chere Amie SDCC After Party Yacht Cruise Saturday Night. Twitter/Insta Handle @PrincessMarquet

Dan Celko is Senior Operations Manager for Bleeding Cool at SDCC this year. Over the years he has collected a multitude of job descriptions under his belt resulting in a self-proclaimed jack-of- all-trades status. However he has come to SDCC for the second time with Bleeding Cool to do the two things he loves most: Playing video games and writing about said video games. You can expect Dan to be giving you as much gaming coverage as he can muster at SDCC and to tell you what he thinks about them. Feel free to talk all things nerdy and gaming with him on Twitter @RadicalDann

Erika Svensson is attending SDCC for her second time as press with Bleeding Cool. If you see Erika she will most likely have a camera in her hand as she will be making videos and taking photos at SDCC. Her non-con days she spends as a filmmaker located in the Bay Area. She loves the movie making process and being a part of the behind the scenes. Though when she is not filming Erika enjoys traveling, lifting, and hanging out with friends and family.

A bona fide Whovian if ever there was one and aficionado of more geeky things than he or anyone else can count, Octavio Karbank is an avid collector of comic books and amassing a range of TV shows he may, or may not, get to. A freelance writer with a passion for interviewing creators, he also enjoys composing reviews and working on his own literary projects! While at San Diego Comic Con for the umpteenth time, he’ll be teleporting around like a sugar-charged Nightcrawler! Leaping from panel-to-panel and interview-to-interview, you’ll be able to check his comings and goings at SDCC this year over at his Twitter page.

Madeline Potts is a Journalism student and will be heading to the Disney College Program in the Fall. She claims that the best moment of her life was when Flo Rida sprayed champagne on her at a concert. Her goals include: raising a cat army, destroying the tampon tax, and getting a selfie with Dr. Phil. You can find her anywhere on the internet as @therealmadeline and at SDCC stalking the Dr. Who cast.

Adam Hart is an avid film & tv fan who consumes nothing but entertainment. If there’s a new movie coming out you bet he’s sitting in a theater watching it. He has his Bachelor’s Degree in Film/Television Writing & Directing. Not only has he interned at various high profile production companies but he’s worked on a handful of shows and movies. More importantly he’s written, produced, directed, and edited a handful of comedic short films that have screened at various film festivals. Feel free to check out his work here: This is his 4th trip to SDCC and his 1st time writing for bleeding cool.

Aaron Haaland is a lifelong comic fan, owner of A Comic Shop and The Geek Easy bar in Orlando, FL, and a weekly contributor to Bleeding Cool with his A Comic Show video highlighting new comic releases. This is his 11th SDCC, and he’ll be reporting on DC comics, Hasbro toys, Transformers, the Diamond Retailer Lunch, and whatever else catches his fancy. He does have ADHD, but he assures Bleeding Cool that he will take his Adderall for the duration of the con.

Hilton Collins loves sci-fi and fantasy entertainment in all genres. By day, he’s a (mostly) mild-mannered writer and videographer. By night, he’s… well… the same thing—24 hours a day of nerd awesomeness. Follow him on Twitter at: @HiltonCollins to see what he’s up to.

Jason Strangis has been a contributing writing for Bleeding Cool since 2014. For the past three years he has covered several major California comic book conventions including Stan Lee’s Comikaze, WonderCon, Long Beach, and of course the Grand-daddy of them — the San Diego Comic-Con. Jason most enjoys getting lots of fantastic photos of Cosplay (especially the Femme Fatales!) and visiting with writers and artists. Besides his love of comic books, Jason also enjoys science fiction, fantasy, and his favorite writer is Ray Bradbury.

Endymion Mageto is a Cosplay Correspondent of Bleeding Cool. He’s a cosplayer that moonlights as a photographer. He treats convention cosplayers like a game of Pokemon…Gotta Catch ‘Em All. See his work at

Nick Kazden is relatively new to the Bleeding Cool team, working with them for the first time at this year’s Wonder Con. He’s no Comic-Con virgin though as he’s been going for the last 13 years. He’s a lover of all things Batman, A Song of Ice and Fire, and Edgar Wright. In addition to his freelance writing and boring politics day job, he runs a youtube channel that produces video essays about comics, movies and TV shows. Follow and bother him on twitter @ricknazden to see what he’s up to.

Joshua Stone has been collecting comics since before most of you were born. He is a husband and a father of two boys, who somehow still finds time to love these nerdy things, and still keep his job as a civilian. This is Josh’s sixth year covering SDCC for Bleeding Cool. If you see Josh wandering around with a lost look on his face, it’s probably just that even though this is his 16th SDCC, the place still amazes him. Unless he really is lost. This year Josh is also going to be cosplaying for only the second time in his life, so if your at the con on Sunday and you see someone in a mashed up Fourth Doctor/Big Lebowski outfit its probably him. Either way, you can follow him on Twitter @1Nerdyone.

Johnathan Brendle will be attending SDCC for the second time and his first as a member of the press. Johnathan is an engineer and scientist who does work for NASA and Smithsonian Air & Space. He loves all things science! His favorite part of SDCC is the intricate and interesting cosplays. This year, you can find him dressed as Spiderman from the new movie, Spiderman: Homecoming. Follow him on Twitter @jonathanbrendle

Jeremy Konrad,collectibles and toy guru, is attending his 4th SDCC for Bleeding Cool this year. It will be tough to top last year, but he is willing to try. When he isn’t writing for BC or managing his comic book store, you can listen to him on his podcasts: The Comic Book Nerd and Hangin With Team Kanan all about Star Wars. Follow him on Twitter @jeremyohio and say hi!

Mike Rupert, a sci-fi, movie, tv and comics trivia buff. Enjoys guessing the tv show or movie you’re thinking of with just a few clues. Has worked and reported on sci-fi and comic book conventions. Been to SDCC long enough to remember when you could park across the street from the convention and get from Ballroom 20 to Hall H in five minutes! Considers binge tv watching exercise. First time out reporting for Bleeding Cool… laptop and camera, will travel.

Many say that Will Romine came from the west, driven with the all-consuming purpose to bring you unfiltered news from the con floor.  Others say that there has always been a Will Romine, and that each generation molds him into the hero they need.  Most would say that, in 2012, he responded to Rich’s call for writers and he’s been enjoying the ride ever since.  You’ll see him at the after hours parties, sampling the coolest swag, and otherwise acting as your avatar for all things SDCC.  He’s expecting his first child next month, so if you see him, please impart some pearls of parental wisdom, or at least buy something off of the baby registry.

Dane Styler, local denizen of San Diego, is excited to be joining the Bleeding Cool correspondence team this year as a contributing writer. He has walked many lives and lived many stories, with all roads leading here. A student of mythologies and cultural psychology, he is fascinated with the symbiotic and essential relationship between society and narrative. His first independent feature film, In the Life of Music, will be releasing later this year. You can holler at Dane via and Twitter @dane_styler

Also attending the show (but a little shy) are David Gibson, Adam Hart and Alexander Roberts. Make them all welcome! And watch out for the infamous Bleeding Cool show T-shirts that remain exclusively owned by those who attend the big shows for Bleeding Cool…


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