The Ataribox Is Atari’s New Console, Will Support Classic And Current Games

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This morning, Atari sent out a newsletter showing off their new console, the Ataribox, complete with a pair of photos and some minor details about the system. First, let’s take a quick gander at this thing.


The goal of the new system in Atari’s eyes is to stay true to the fanbase while incorporating new tech. We’re really hoping that doesn’t mean we’re just getting updated versions of Frogger and Pong on a system with an HDMI hookup. The look is, of course, inspired by the design of their former consoles (except the Jaguar) including ribs that flow around the whole console and give it a very different look and appeal to other systems on the market.

Apparently, the front panel that can be either wood or glass, which holds indicator lights that glow along with a logo on the front. What exactly those lights mean is anyone’s guess at the moment. As you can see below, the back end will include an HDMI port, a SD port, Ethernet, and four USB ports.


Atari states that the system will be designed to support classic titles along with current games, but no details have been released as to what third-party companies are on board with creating content for the console. One would assume if they’re aiming for a 2018 launch, Atari would be looking for a range of exclusive titles as well as multi-console favorites to compete with the PS4, Xbox One and the Switch. But that may be difficult to determine from a fan’s perspective since the internal tech wasn’t discussed at all, so we have no firm idea of what the system can and can’t do.

Ther was no date given, no titles, no price, and no specs beyond what you see. We do know that it will come in two editions as you can choose between “classic wood” or “black and red”, depending if you like to go old-school or stay modern. Atari stated in the letter that they are purposefully not revealing details as they would rather get the system right than rush something that will fall flat again, and that they will be listening to the community for feedback.

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