This Expensive Spyro Statue Is Awesome But Not Worth The Pricetag

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This Spyro statue from First 4 Figures is awesome. I looks exactly like the tiny dragon of your memories, wirh the signiture quirked eyebrows. But pricing in at over $300.00 USD is a bit much, even for my own personal fondness for small, sassy dragons. Its more of an art piece to show off in a gallery than a collectible, unless you are a very, very serious collector.

The way First for Figures run their product line means that we have an awesome description for the statue that goes through all the features, materials, and effort that went into crafting it. To save you some time, here are the basics:

  • The statue stands at 15″
  • The base is about 11″ around
  • The statue is on pre-order for a July 18th release, so it will be available on Tuesday.
  • It comes as both a regular and exclusive version
  • Both versions clock in at $324.99
  • The exclusive bersion includes: a light up base, a colorful display backdrop, and a box of colorful glass gems like the ones you collect in game

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