Capcom's Street Fighter V Pro Tour Championship Is Coming To Boston

Capcom’s Street Fighter V Pro Tour North American Finals Are Coming To Boston In November

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Red Bull announced at EVO that the next Capcom Pro Tour North American Finals at Red Bull Battle Grounds will take place at The Castle in Boston on November 18-19. As the Street Fighter franchise will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary, the competition has evolved from local arcade meetups to a multi-day national events like Red Bull Battle Grounds, which will crown the top Street Fighter V player in North America. Which is the kind of title that I know some people would be very, very interested in. You know who you are.

Beginning on Saturday, November 18, hundreds of hopeful challengers from around the continent will gather at the two-day spectacular for a 512 player open bracket tournament and a chance at winning a spot at the grand finals on Sunday. Champions from the regional, monthly Red Bull Proving Grounds tournaments will also get a seat at the open bracket qualifier event. On Sunday, the top 7 players from the Capcom Pro Tour Regional Leaderboards and the winner from Saturday’s last chance open qualifier will then compete in an 8 player bracket for North America’s Street Fighter V crown.

The art-deco style of The Castle in Boston will provide a fantastical backdrop for the tournament. This historical landmark is reminiscent of the Street Fighter V “Union Station” stage, giving attendees the opportunity to feel like they are in the game. Its those small details that really make eSports special, don’t you think? No, okay good. Because I agree with you there.

No matter how much we try to make eSports like real sports, they aren’t quite the same thing. And I think it does a disservice to both to try and claim they are at all similar experiences.

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