‘Overwatch’ To Reveal New Punishment System Soon

Are you tired of busting your tail in the middle of a game of Overwatch only to have someone quit the game because they’re losing or not “feeling it” at that moment? Same here! It has been one of the most requested items that Blizzard and the Overwatch team take care of since the game’s launch. More than loot boxes, more than Doomfist ever got, even more than people’s complaints about rank matching in games.

Well, that’s about to change. Jeff Kaplan revealed on the game’s forums that there would be an upcoming post about changes to the punishment system for people who bail. Now to be very clear about this, this centers around people who leave matches as they’re happening. This is probably not an overall fix to the complaint system in general. Which means if you run into players who are toxic or salty because a match isn’t going their way, chances are reporting them for being angry is still not going to do much.It

It seems Blizzard is keenly aware that everyone gets mad from time to time and they usually only take out any kind of punishment on players who have a constant track record of poor behavior from game to game that can be tracked. But even if you play with a jerk, they’re still above board compared to people who leave prematurely and cause you to be stuck playing 5-v-6. Hopefully, the new system will be announced next week since “soon” in Overwatch terms can mean anything from a couple weeks to three months from now.

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